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Energiaültetvény bemutatók
: hívja Győri Tibort a +36-30-997-4843 számon;
Derecskén: hívja Magyari Csabát a +36-30-692-6749 számon.

Technológia leírások: Alasia New Clones nemesnyár ültetvények és GYK fehér akác ültetvények


The owners of our Company have been dealing with production of horticultural and forestry propagating material, genetical value preserving programs, selection of tree species with great yield, power-plant technologies and logistics, as well, for a decade. Since 2004 we have been cooperating with an italian company called ’Alasia New Clones’, because their hybrid poplar clones tolerate our summer weather exceedingly, which is getting warmer and drier.


Amongst different site conditions we are actually carrying on comparative analysis of 24 clones on nearly 50 hectares area. The goal of the comparative analysis is:

  • after site surveying to be able to determin mathing clones on given spot
  • to be able to give instructions on technologies and production matching to site and and clones, including cost-analysis
  • to be able to inform producers and investors about expected yields
  • to provide chemical control experiment in cooperation with producers.

We propagate those clones vegetatively which are proved in experiments, to make sure that genetical value of material used in plantations will be the same we have in selected clones.


We produce propagating materials from those good quality, great yield clones on 110 ha stoolbed in Moha and 20 ha stoolbed in Derecske. Our overall clone selection contains Alasia New Clones hybrid poplar clones and GYK Black locust species.


Our experimental plots and stoolbeds are continiously supervised by Central Agricultural Office (MGSZH)- used to be National Institute for Agricultural Quality Control (OMMI), this way our propagating material are always provided with Master certificates and Supplier’s documents. Further new candidate clones in our experiments are going to petition for a hopefully successful cultivar certification, wich is a condition of letting them into plantations.

Our Colleagues

Dr. Dániel Árgyelán - forestry technician, jurist
Tibor Győri - horticultural engineer
Csaba Magyari - forestry technician, agricultural engineer, plant protection prof. engineer

Our strategic partner

Raiffeisen Energy Ltd.
(1)477-8716 energy@raiffeisen.hu www.raiffeisenenergy.hu



START közmunkaprogram


200 eFt/ha támogatás rövid vágásfordulójú fás szárú energiaültetvényhez 134/2007 (XI.13.) és 31/2008 (III.27.) FVM rendeletek.

71/2007 (IV.14.) kormány rendelet - a fás szárú energetikai ültetvényekről

45/2007 (VI.11.) FVM rendelet - fás szárú energetikai ültetvények szabályozása

33/2007 (IV.26.) FVM rendelet - kiegészítő támogatás energetikai ültetvényekhez


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